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The Duke of Rothesay was a railway steamer passenger ship that operated in Europe from 1956 to 1975.
Launched 1956
MV Claymore (II) was David MacBrayne's last mail boat built in 1955. She served on the Inner Isles Mail on the west coast of Scotland until 1972. Subsequently sold for day cruising in the Greek Islands until 1993, she sank at her mooring in 2000.
Launched 10 Mar 1955
MV Arran was a pioneering Clyde vehicle ferry introduced by Caledonian Steam Packet Company in 1953. She spent fifteen years on the Upper Clyde crossings, followed by five years at Islay. Initially hoist-loading, via side ramps, these were replaced by a stern ramp in 1973. During her final years with Calmac, she relieved across the network. Several unsuccessful attempts were made to turn her into a floating restaurant, before she was finally....
Launched 22 Sep 1953
TSMV Shanklin was a passenger ferry that operated between Portsmouth and the Isle of Wight between 1951 and 1980.[2] Renamed the Prince Ivanhoe she went on to become a pleasure cruiser in the Bristol Channel but in 1981 sank off the Welsh coast on her first season.[3]
Launched 22 Feb 1951
MV Loch Seaforth was the Stornoway mailboat operated by David MacBrayne Ltd, from 1947 until 1972. Running aground and sinking in 1973, she blocked the Tiree pier, until removed for scrapping.
Launched 19 May 1947
The MV Princess Victoria was one of the earliest roll-on/roll-off (ro-ro) ferries. Built in 1947, she operated from Stranraer to Larne. During a severe European windstorm on 31 January 1953, she sank in the North Channel with the loss of 133 lives, the deadliest maritime disaster in United Kingdom waters since World War II.
Launched 27 Aug 1946
HMAS Lae (L3035) was a Landing Ship, Tank which was operated by the Royal Navy and Royal Australian Navy (RAN). She was built by William Denny and Brothers at Dumbarton, Scotland during World War II and was launched on 24 October 1944.
Launched 24 Oct 1944
MV Empire MacDermott was a bulk grain ship built as a Merchant Aircraft Carrier (MAC ship). She served with the British Merchant Navy during the Second World War, with rudimentary aircraft handling facilities operated by a Fleet Air Arm "air party".
Launched 24 Jan 1944
HMIS Jumna (U21) was a Black Swan class sloop, which served in the Royal Indian Navy (RIN) during World War II.
Launched 16 Nov 1940
HMIS Sutlej (U95) was a modified Bittern class sloop, later known as the Black Swan class, which served in the Royal Indian Navy (RIN) during World War II.
Launched 1 Oct 1940

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William Denny and Brothers Limited, and often referred to simply as Denny, were a Scottish shipbuilding company.
Created by cronos on Jul 12, 2011
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